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Few companies will offer the kind of life insurance that is worth the money to just anybody. Money has always talked in the insurance industry, and the insurance companies in the United States have built an ingenious business model. Like in Vegas, the house always wins. You’ll never see an insurance company go belly-up unless they’re doing something wrong behind the scenes. Even still, no insurance provider has successfully maintained their model by readily paying out claims.

Insurance companies hold a lot of power, as they sell the prospect of the “what-if” scenario in all of the paper they push to the people. As that stands, it’s important to make sure you understand the paper you sign with them. They have ways to divert from paying out on policies, even after a premium has been satisfied for several years. It is ultimately important that the policy holder understands every last facet of their insurance, for surely these insurance companies have not built their empires on paying out on insurance claims.

Most policies tend to appreciate with time, as is the case with guaranteed issue life insurance companies. These companies will take the monthly premium over the course of years, and then payout on the obligated amount based upon the premium’s coverage and stipulations once the insured party has passed away.


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